Giorgio Galli

Giorgio Galli

Giorgio Galli

Founder & Chief Creative Director for Timex Group

For over 20 years, Giorgio Galli has been one of the most dynamic, commended watch designers in the industry, his name synonymous with innovation, originality, and imagination. His success comprises his passion for graphics and design, the ability to create strong, unique identities, and a focus on pioneering technology. Giorgio’s love of photography strongly influences his design aesthetic, namely the study of light and its influence on an object’s visual perception.

Galli started his career in the United States, where his first projects and as a co-founder of computer graphic software house provided him with the opportunity to learn a distinct technological approach to graphic design and branding that continues to echo in his work today.

Few years later he returned to Italy to become art director of the Swatch Lab in Milano, where he personally designed hundreds of watches that contributed to the Swatch prodigy of the early 1990’s.

In 1994, in collaboration with Benetton holding company 21 Investimenti, he founded his own multi-faceted design firm, offering high quality services in watch design, corporate identity, industrial and product design, managing each detail of the project from start to finish.

Key clients included Gucci, Vitra, Benetton, Bic, Renault, and Philip Morris. In partnership with the Benetton Family also saw Galli co-founding Sei Milano, a local TV news station catering to Milan’s major metropolitan area and the Web Agency 21 Network with offices in major cities in Europe.

Watches remain Giorgio’s number one passion, and he has since worked with international companies like the Movado Group (Movado, Concord, Ebel), Seiko, Citizen, Sector, Nautica and Timex, accrediting his name as one of the top designers in the watch industry. His meticulous approach takes on a 360° vision of each project, from research to hands-on assistance during the prototyping and development to the product communication strategy.

In 2007, Giorgio Galli sold his design studio to Timex Group to become the Timex Group World Design Center, now called the Giorgio Galli Design Lab. As the creative head, Giorgio’s artistic vision and creative DNA are employed daily to formulate hundreds of original pieces each year that perfectly capture the core brand elements of each label he designs for, resulting in collections that represent distinction and authenticity.

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Timex Group designs, manufactures and markets innovative timepieces around the world.

Timex Group is a privately-held company headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut with multiple operating units and over 3,000 employees worldwide.

As one of the largest watch makers in the world, Timex Group companies produce watches under a number of well-known brands. including Timex, Nautica, Guess,GC, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace,Versus and Ted Baker.

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